Blind Faith – a personal story that may add humor and inspiration to those of you aching over divorce or separation

So I decided it might be nice to share a bit more about me and the type of approach I bring to life and to my practice. I hope sharing my insights will benefit and lift you. So here we go.

Not too long ago, I rented a car for a road trip with my family. I was full of zest and energy as we set course for a small colonial town. When we arrived at this very cute town, we got out of the car and had a lawn picnic. I looked up and realized that we were parked next to a drainage ditch and not in a legitimate parking space. I reached for my rental car keys as I was walking towards the car, and just my luck, I dropped them into that ditch. After beating myself up for being that unlucky and that foolish, I gathered myself together and entered a building to ask for some help. The kind workers there helped me brainstorm, and we created a hook from the end of a mop and a wire clothes hanger. I dangled that hook down into the drainage ditch and fished out my keys in about 10 minutes. Success!!

I tell you this story because I realize in so many ways, it reflects life. For those of you facing uncertain futures, it may feel like you are fishing in the dark for direction. Sometimes, we just have to take a chance, try our best, and believe that if we try, we are more likely to succeed than if we don’t try at all. I know things do not always work out. That would be impossible. But I do believe, for myself and for the clients my firm is privileged enough to help, that we all have to reach for what we seek. My firm will reach for you. We will be creative and persistent, the same as I reached for those keys and creatively found a way out of what seemed like a really outrageous situation. I hope you found this anecdote both entertaining and supportive of hope that things can be better.

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