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Helping Our Clients Journey Forward

Divorce Coach

Whether your decision to divorce was mutual or one sprung on you, you probably feel like your life has been turned inside out. Signing divorce papers is like signing away on your past decisions, your past memories, and your past sense of identity. Suddenly, everything that had a foundation no longer does. You cannot see clearly where you are going. Is your financial future secure? Will your children be happy or will they be damaged? And will you have a partner again? Will you find a new sense of self? What does that mean about who you have been in the years prior? Can you find new friends? New activities? New courage? So may unanswered questions. Read my story to see if a divorce coach might be the right fit for you.

Coaching Myself After Divorce

As a professional in this field, I have gone through all of those questions. I divorced years ago. At the time, I had experienced emotional and other forms of abuse, had 3 children under the age of 8, and was juggling career and family. My friends and family were judgmental of me, always acting as though they could do it better, not understanding how much was no longer within my control. I went through periods of questioning everything about myself. Sometimes, I felt like I could not see where I was going from day to day. I put blinders on and just functioned. I was afraid to tell others about my experience because I was raised to be “strong,” to be the one who was “smart” and could handle anything. And yet, I felt I had failed at everything I had once thought I was good at.

After much pain and self-torment, I picked myself up and forced myself to look at my life from all aspects: financial, personal, parental, social, etc. One by one, I listed for myself the aspects of me I wanted to rebuild. I tried to see my divorce as my chance to take inventory. As long as my life was going to feel like it fell apart, I was going to build my future my way. This was my humpty-dumpty approach to the future, and I started to piece it all back together. As painful as that was, I was finally creating my next steps, rather than blindly falling into them. I was able to uncover the me that had been lost many years prior. I was able to find my voice again and be better for myself, my children, my friends, and my clients.

Support For a New Life You Love

This is the journey I want to help you create. Do not run from facing where you are. Let me help you face each thing you want to change and rebuild and let us architect your life. I love helping people see things differently. Divorce can bring an opportunity to live like your true self. It can bring a fresh approach, with a much better future than you would have had if you had stayed together and just sleep-walked through life. I think you can now truly actualize the real you and find the person you want to be.

In my 360 degree approach to coaching you, you will list for me the things that seem overwhelming and unsatisfactory. We will look at your life in a circular way and find greater meanings, passions, and goals. I will draw on my own personal experience to help you live your best post-divorce life. I can help guide you through the legal terrain. Additionally, I can help you take a personal life “inventory” to determine the areas you want to improve upon. After we have spoken, we can work together to create an action plan. Here are some areas you might consider seeking support for:

Healthy coparenting

Financial goals

Going back to school

Re-entering the workforce



Rebuilding your social life


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If you are at a point in your life where you are ready for change, a divorce coach is a good option for you. You need to have personal responsibility and accountability to make the changes you want to see. The two most important questions to ask yourself before considering a divorce coach are:

How did I get here?

Why am I still here?

Contact me today to get started. I would be honored to be your divorce coach and biggest cheerleader.