Family law, divorce and Covid – the vaccination issue

The issue of vaccination against the Covid virus is affecting families in unprecedented ways. We already have seen a year like no other. And now that children are approved for the vaccine, families have yet another covid topic that divides them. Vaccination of young children is at the forefront of family conflict. In Illinois, we are divided, and the futures of children are at stake. Parents ask themselves if I vaccinate my child/children, will I accidentally negatively affect his/her/their future health in ways not discovered yet ? But if I don’t vaccinate and my child/children get covid, will he/she/they suffer, maybe die or have lifelong lung issues? These are difficult questions for anyone. But for people separating/separated/divorcing/ or divorced, they are particularly contentious. Parents need to face these issues. Ignoring them only postpones the inevitable. We will bring sensitivity and compassion to this and all family law issues. Let us be by your side. We are prepared to file any motions necessary to protect the health of your children.

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