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Divorce, the Holidays, and the Future

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We all know the holidays bring memories and reflection. For those of you who are looking at your future and wanting to turn a new leaf, it can be a bittersweet time. You may be feeling alone, like you know you need to change things but don’t know how. Or you know that your relationship isn’t working but you feel stuck. But Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the end of year holidays can bring vision and clarity. They can help you realize that you deserve better. Divorce or separation may be that “better.” It is not something to run from. Self awareness and the idea of better for the whole family is something to run toward. The law is there help give structure and be there as a guide We know that the business of divorce and separation is not fun, but it can lead to so much richer of a life. If you are thinking about this next step and just want to talk (as many people use this time to reflect and not to act), we welcome your inquiries. You do not need to wait until you are perfectly prepared to ask questions and get some answers. This is an imperfect process, and we just want to be there for you as you go through these vulnerable times. We can help you find strength, a support system, clearness of thought, and educated decision-making.

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