Divorce, Separation and Family Law during Covid 19 – did you know it might be cheaper now?

At Solutions First, we do not believe in divorce or separation as a solution to all spousal or partner difficulties – only to those marriages and relationships that are so bad that you no longer feel like you. If you find yourself in that painful situation, we want you to know that the courts have worked diligently to make family and divorce law cases continue forward.

As a result of Zoom and video access, our lawyers are spending less time in courtrooms and/or in travel mode. In our experience, this means that clients pay far less for time spent in court. Many family law attorneys charge a premium for hours spent in court so this newfound efficiency may very well make the expense of court time less than it was before. If you have come to the inevitable decision that you need to separate or divorce, we think this is important for you to know. We will do our best to not let the economics get in your way of seeking a better situation.

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