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Helping Our Clients Journey Forward

Scared of Divorce? We want to help paint a new picture!

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Increasingly, we are getting calls from people who are very scared that at this precarious time. They are being told to leave. Or they are being told that their partner or spouse is leaving.

We know that statements like these can strike fear. A flood of uncertainty follows. What will happen to me? How often will I see our children? How will I survive financially? What will happen to me? How will I retire? In simpler terms, one wonders- WILL I BE OK? It is like staring at a blank canvas and not knowing what to paint.

At Solutions First, we help people be ok!  The separation and divorce process are certainly far from fun. But usually, most people on this path realize they were unhappier than they were willing to admit. They find a new journey, a new hope for something better. They draw a new picture on their life’s canvas and find a different perspective.

Divorce and separation are undoubtedly an end. But they are also a beginning. A beginning of something better can sprout. We commit to making the best new beginning for you that we can. We know that may seem impossible. But we see it time and time again – an awakening in our clients, who find greater happiness and hope than they have had in a long while. There is no utopia. But most of our clients feel like they find themselves again and are happy to have the opportunity to paint a better future.

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