The Courage to Face the Unknown

It is amazing to me that people see divorce as only one way – all bad. Usually, it is the status of the marriage before the divorce that is not good. So the divorce is not the “bad” – it is the unlocking of hope and better things to come. I repeatedly have the honor to stand by people through the process, which admittedly is not fun. But on the other side, there are freedoms, possibilities, and yes, the unknown. But in the unknown, there is the ability to have happiness again. I believe in that and admire the courage and the human spirit that helps people reach for what they can’t see – just blindly seeing something else will be better. People should be recognized for that faith and not punished. This is not an endorsement for divorce – it is an endorsement for those who know their marriages cannot be fixed and that they are able to believe in themselves and the future.

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