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Helping Our Clients Journey Forward

Chicagoland Family and Divorce Attorneys

Chicagoland Family and Divorce Attorneys


Our Chicagoland family and divorce attorneys have vast and distinctive experience helping clients navigate the process of divorce. Robin Becker, our partner attorney, has been practicing divorce and family law for more than twenty-five years. Having been through the process herself, she leverages her personal experience to provide clients with compassionate and knowledgeable representation throughout the Chicagoland area.

Overview of Family and Divorce Law

By definition, family and divorce law undeniably touches on everything that is precious: children, parents, businesses, jobs, personal relationships, retirement plans, bank accounts, present and future financial security, and of course…dreams.

Add to all of that an inability to see a clear future…

And then add the intimidating proposition of hiring a lawyer to be your spokesperson, hoping he/she will speak successfully on your behalf…

It is no wonder that this is a most delicate and unparalleled area of law.

However you define your family, whether by marriage, cohabitation, shared children, or civil union, Robin Becker has represented them all.

We work with ALL families, believing that family and divorce law should be applied without stereotype. At Solutions First, we help clients regardless of their gender identity, race, faith, or education. Our firm has successfully represented husbands, wives, grandparents, unmarried parents, transgender clients and same sex-couples.

Endings Bring New Beginnings

For each person experiencing the dismantling changes of divorce or separation, you deserve a lawyer who will give voice to you. Accordingly, we will work diligently to help you find and establish new foundations.

We know. We Understand.

As experienced family law and divorce law attorneys serving Chicagoland, we recognize our job is to holistically grasp your experience. We believe the way we help you best is to get to know you and your end goals. That is our first step, asking you where you want to “end up.” We then implement your end goals as ours. And we zealously pursue those by keeping educated on the law and innovating creative strategies that will strive for those results.

We Educate

Frequently, the plethora of emotions that accompany divorce or separation, cloud a person’s ability to “see” the next best steps. Therefore, we often hear our clients ask us to help protect them against themselves. They look to us to make sure they don’t fight just to fight. They equally look to us to not give in when it would be contrary to their best interests. Because of this, we combine our litigation and mediation skills to meet these objectives.

We want our clients to understand the law, and to make knowledgeable decisions. We want them to feel reassured and confident.

To help them get there, we explain the family and divorce laws in plain English, educating them on:

  • Parental Responsibilities, Formally known as Custody (discussing shared, sole, and lead decision-making)
  • Parent-child Schedules (including weekly time, school breaks, holidays, special events, rights of first refusal, sharing of transportation, to illustrate)
  • Psychological Evaluations (Also referred to as 604.10 evaluations, conducted by therapeutic professionals)
  • Domestic Violence / Orders of Protection/ No Contact Orders (Addressing the varying forms of abuse, including financial, emotional, psychological, and physical)
  • Child Support (now inclusive of shared income calculations)
  • Spousal Support, Also Referred to as Maintenance, Formally Alimony
  • Division of Assets (Real estate, Personal items, Bank Accounts, Retirement Accounts, to name a few)
  • Allocation of Debt (Credit card, Mortgages, Personal and Student loans, for example)
  • Tax Consequences
  • Complex valuation issues (Business interests, Family business interests, Real estate, Equipment, Property of significance, Pension and Retirement Accounts)
  • The Calculation and / or Imputation of Income (a method of asking the judge to attribute a higher level of income to someone who may be underachieving)
  • The identification and distribution of non-marital contributions

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Robin Becker has successfully represented clients in Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County, Kendall County, McHenry County, and other Chicagoland areas. If you are going through a divorce, contact Robin Becker today.