MDT Divorce Arbitration- something truly “outside the box.”

Very soon, we will be introducing MDT divorce arbitration.

This stands for Multi-disciplinary Team Divorce Arbitration. We are developing this a process that will provide interested clients with an unique team alternative to going to court. Our process will consider the clients’ concerns, interests, and priorities, giving deference to their individualized circumstances.

This process is not mediation, differing primarily in that the mediator has no binding authority. In arbitration, the participants contract for the arbitrator to issue binding decisions over them. While this may feel frightening, the same thing happens when a judge rules.

Our intent is to have our clients experience a team approach, with financial advisers, lawyers, accountants, business valuation professionals, an0d other professionals collaboratively arbitrating. When a team is not necessary, a single arbitrator will be provided.

Our process will offer a more personalized approach. The team of arbitrators will actually get to know the participants. We will offer this process an electronically and outside of work hours, even on the weekends.

Our process will be private and non-public. With the advent of social media, and public court access, we are aware that people experiencing the private pain of divorce often have no choice except to have their “dirty laundry” publicly aired.

Our process will enable the participants to exchange information without filing documents in a public forums like courthouses. To illustrate, did you know that most counties require financial affidavits to be completed? AND THEN FILED PUBLICLY?! That means anyone can go to courthouse and retrieve a copy. In our upcoming arbitration process, no such public arena would exist.

Another one of the greatest advantages we can offer is for those participants with children. For those families, we will be offering a consultative approach, with great concerns for your children’s specific needs, personalities, vulnerabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Where appropriate and advantageous, we will provide consultation with psychotherapists. This aspect of our arbitration process will differ greatly from the court system, where attorneys are appointed as children’s lawyers and often do not have a psychological background.

If interested, please fill out our contact form so that we can continue to update you on the commencement of our new and contemporary MDT Arbitration.

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