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Helping Our Clients Journey Forward

Don’t Feel Stuck! New and Modern Family law, Child Custody Services on a Pay as you Go Basis

We are expanding our services to address the needs of contemporary society. As we do so, we have begun offering services on an item by item basis. For example, perhaps you would like to see our work in a first document. Under this arrangement, we we are willing to charge you a rate for that first document and then enter into a bigger commitment with you.

In addition, we are offering paid subscriptions to legal research and legal opinions. Perhaps you need an analysis about future child support? Or spousal support or maintenance (formerly alimony)? Do you want to know more about custody or parenting plans. If you do, we will do an intake with you and then write an opinion for you for a reasonable, flat fee.

By offering the above services, it is our wish for you be able to get to know us before you hire us on a grander scale. That way, you can can test the waters before jumping in. We want you to feel unstuck. And we want you to feel heard. You are entitled to hire us in more than one way and to get to know us. Please get in touch by going to our “contact us” page.

Limited Scope – Buy One Service at a time

We are now offering family law services for pay on a step by step basis. These are considered services limited in scope. Please know these are not offered for all areas, but we hope we can help. Please reach out.

Legal Research For Pay

For a reasonable fee, we are offering Family Law legal opinions or memoranda on requested topics.

Legal Research Subsriptions

For a nominal weekly fee, we are offering updates on case law that would otherwise cost 100’s or thousands of dollars for you to access.

Let’s build something together.