Domestic Abuse- you are not alone

If you are experiencing emotional, physical or financial abuse, reach out. These are difficult times, to say the least. Tempers are easy to flare, and fuses are short. It is important to find healthy releases for our strife – exercise, walks, movies, meditation, etc.

But if you find yourself in a situation that is inescapably dangerous, you are the only one who can help yourself out of it. I have walked the walk. People would not guess that about me. I hid it well, and after all, I’m too smart and too “together” to have had abuse in my life. Yes, that is a bit of sarcasm. Yet, I did experience abuse, and I have turned so many corners since then.

Abuse touches all genders, all ages, all types, and comes in many forms. The curse and the blessing of going through something like that is that you start to appreciate the little things, like small kindnesses and genuine hearts. So my firm and I understand. We know that people wear masks and fool the world, all the while being someone or something else behind closed doors.

Our doors are open to those who need help finding a way out of violent or abusive situations. Please realize you deserve better, and better does exist. Just reach!

The Coronovirus and its effects on relationships-there is still room to dream for better

It is undeniable that the coronavirus pandemic has affected relationships. Some have gotten stronger. Some have weakened to breaking point. We all know that life has bumps and stressors. But these times are particularly weighed down by uncertainty and fear.

For those of you who seek the better in life, those of you that know that these times are a reminder that we must create the life we want because we never know how long we have – at Solutions First, we are here! If you seek better, we want to help you find it.

As the founder of Solutions First, I can tell you that I sought so many changes in my life for the better after I saw things going the way I did not want them to go. Complacency is easy. Change is scarey. But more important than that, without change, better cannot be achieved.

The coronavirus uniquely reminds me that good can come from bad. Personally, it has reminded me to live fuller, to be more appreciative. to be truer. Negative can inspire proactiviy. Proactivity brings change and helps dreams come true.

That is what inspires me to help people every day. I marvel as I get to see and help people take charge of their lives, to see them say – no more – I want better – I deserve better.

Solutions First and I want to be part of your better. That is our dream!

Whether you are experiencing a break in your marriage, a break in your partnership, a breaking down of your business, we are here to help you rebuild. Divorce in marriage or business can lead to better. It is not the ideal – it is not the dream. But it is sometimes the pain that leads to so much better gain. And we understand that and want more and better for you.


Robin Becker, Founding Divorce/Business law attorney

The Courage to Face the Unknown

It is amazing to me that people see divorce as only one way – all bad. Usually, it is the status of the marriage before the divorce that is not good. So the divorce is not the “bad” – it is the unlocking of hope and better things to come. I repeatedly have the honor to stand by people through the process, which admittedly is not fun. But on the other side, there are freedoms, possibilities, and yes, the unknown. But in the unknown, there is the ability to have happiness again. I believe in that and admire the courage and the human spirit that helps people reach for what they can’t see – just blindly seeing something else will be better. People should be recognized for that faith and not punished. This is not an endorsement for divorce – it is an endorsement for those who know their marriages cannot be fixed and that they are able to believe in themselves and the future.

What we think you should know

You are not alone. Divorce and separation often isolate. But going through this transition is the only way to finding a new sense of peace, one where the home is no longer full of pain and blame. In our experience, clients feel that the lonely transition to finding inner and outer peace are worthwhile when the marriage is so bad that they live with daily fear and unhappiness.